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So Starting Padel?
Here’s what you need!

So a friend has finally dragged you down to our Padel club? Or a club has opened near you and a group of you are curious about this Padel-ball-tennis-thing?

Padel Racket
This can be a difficult decision so early in your Padel journey. You’ve either been renting a Padel bat from the club or borrowing a friend’s each time you go to the courts or you’ve played once. Nonetheless, this does not need to be a pro level. To put it into perspective, the professionals’ bats are not usually the same as the ones in the shops (usually different materials). So instead of paying for the artwork you should try to find a bat you are comfortable with – this might help to find a Padel bat. There are some very decent Padel rackets in the price range 70-120 euros. If you are starting, find something light (360-365g) and medium softness. Speak to one of our coaches for further advice.
Padel Bag
You do necessarily need the Ale Galan Tour bag that holds up to 8 Padel rackets. But we do recommend something that will actually cover your racket to protect it from knocks as it is thrown about in the back of your car. A Padel bat sleeve or smaller backpack would be fine. Many of the rackets come with sleeves from the shop.
Padel Shoes
If you have a pair of normal Tennis shoes these will be absolutely fine for your first few times playing. You only really need to step up to Padel shoes if the surface you play on regularly has a lot of sand on the surface and you find yourself slipping.
The only apparel I feel is absolutely necessary is a pair of shorts with pockets or Padel skirt, there’s nothing worse than having to go and pick up a ball between serves. The rest of the apparel, if you find it helps your confidence to wear a pro match shirt, then go for it!

What else could you invest in?

Padel Balls
It is such a different game with good balls. You do not necessarily need new Padel balls every single match, but as soon as they go soft (which in Padel this happens quite quickly), open a new can of balls!
Padel Sessions
You might feel like you will “naturally” get the hang of Padel and you are improving so you do not need lessons. But trust our Coaches, from someone who has spent most of their Padel coaching careers trying to change bad habits that Padel players picked up when they started – it is better to get in good habits at the start when you are learning and the techniques will come much easier. 

Our Coaching Methodology

Our Padel coaching is based on a specific program depending on the age of the player, their playing experience, level and their Padel objectives.

We provide individual programmes at all stages: from kids, adult first-timers who just want to learn basics and enjoy Padel, to older competitive players who want to compete in International Circuit. We provide guidance, coaching, and support to our players at any level.



Training Sessions
  • 1 Hour Session - Starting From €40


2-Player Training Sessions
  • 1 Hour Session - Starting From €25


3-5 Players Training Sessions
  • 1 Hour Session - Starting From €15

The above prices are including court rental

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