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 Adults Training Programme

IK Tennis Academy offers 3 different types of coaching for adults. All 3 types are good for beginners as well as for advanced tennis players. Each of them is specifically designed to improve player‘s skills while keeping it still intensive and fun.

The first type is private coaching (1 to 1) where coaches focus on the player individually by  trying to improve their technique, movement and tactical aspects of the game.
Semi-private coaching means that there are 2 players on the court. These 2 players can be friends or else strangers put together by the academy. During semi-private lessons coaches concentrate a lot on technique with room for competitions between players. These small competitions make the lesson fun.  

Group lessons are the last type of adult coaching. Group lessons consist of 3-4 players of approx. same abilities. These players can be friends or just players that were put together as a group by the academy. These lessons are full of drills especially for the beginner level, whilst many game situations for those having an advanced level. During these lessons players compete but at the same time have fun, learn, and improve together.  

Regarding those adults wishing to compete at national or international competitions, a specialised programme can be put together depending on the type and level of competion players would like to compete in.

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