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About IK

Tennis has always been central to my life, coaching being the most satisfying aspect. To help kids explore their full potential in a sport I love so much is a prospect I cherish. This was central to my decision to follow a coaching career, a philosophy and a passion I would like all IK coaches to also embrace.

Following my success at Tennisline Academy Malta, which I founded in 2016, I decided to establish another Tennis Academy, IK Tennis Academy, focused on the development of young kids from absolute beginners to what we will refer to as Pro Juniors.  

Our Pro Juniors program is aimed at players under the age of 10. Access to this program is based on ability and commitment. An advanced level of athleticism and coordination, as well as a higher time commitment to the weekly training schedule. At this stage we also introduce fitness session as part of the training. We have two Pro Juniors levels which starts at the Orange level (7 years) and ends at the Green level (10/11 years). This program is especially designed for the children who would like to progress faster following the competition pathway. These children will be central to our Academy believes.

As tennis Guru Patrick Mouratoglou often says regarding his academy, “our mission is to build a lifetime project around sport and education with our student athletes. I often say that we’re not only building great tennis players; we’re building great human beings.”

Moreover, IK Tennis Academy also organizes training camps and tournaments for players regardless of their age or level.

Ivana Kubickova
Founder and Pro Juniors Head Coach
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